For the "Lair" Collaboration! I made an OST for the Map!

This is the OST for the “Lair” map! Also for @NoobAtWork.
Here it is:




Pretty good! Put it in the map.

I don’t have robux to make it an audio on Roblox lol

And I don’t know how to add it to roblox. Ask another member of the collab to see if they can add it. If not, then ask somebody else.


I used fl studio mobile, which is niceeeee

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Was it already uploaded though?

No it wasnt

it was also removed from newgrounds xd

what the

It’s rlly good
But doesn’t fit tbh
You should upload this as something else

Lol it was, new grounds copyright system sucks. I made he song and they say it is a loop from fl studio. Me be like. NO IT F******* ISNT!

You should contact Newgrounds and link this page.

Nah. My account just got banned because of it lmao. I didn’t do anything wrong it is just their damn system. I got banned for 90 days for. no. Reason.

What?! Send an email to [email protected] and appeal. Just say what exactly you did and they will unban you.

it’s not from roblox
it’s from newgrounds

complain to the ng staff

Have you ever tried Soundcloud?