Forest Conflict [REVAMP]


  • The BGM is Copyrighted.
  • The map is a direct prequel of Laurel Sunrise, read the backstory in Laurel Sunrise if you’d like.


Hello i am SkyRoblosGamesVN! can also be called as Kiyomi. It’s been a month ever since FC gotten so much attention, but it’s now slowly forgotten. So i have to revamp it to revive it back! Let me present you something. Here we go.


Map Info

  • STATUS: Available, Gathering Support, Accepting Feedback.
  • Name: Forest Conflict
  • ID: ku8k-z
  • Creator(s): SkyRobloxGamesVN
  • BGM: APM - Natures Migration D
  • Buttons: 6
  • Difficulty: Normal
  • Average Completion Time: 1:29 - 1:35

Part and Instances



Probably my best map. Took me a month to complete the revamp! The Map BGM is sadly copyrighted but it seems fit for the map atmosphere and overall. The old ver was uhh… good yeah but it doesn’t look as good at this one i guess. The Revamp has:

  • New Grass Mesh
  • Stones
  • New Trees
  • Removed 2nd Sliding
  • Improved Terrain
  • Houses
  • Reworked on everything

I also nerfed the map due to people who doesn’t like the gameplay or saying the gameplay is hard. Just hopefully you guys like the map and details.

Map Pictures

The End:



Are the details better than before?

  • Extremely yes… FE2 Worthy!
  • Yes! Amazing Details and deserves attention.
  • Yep. It looks fine
  • I think its a little good,
  • Disappointing. The old ver has better details.

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Is the gameplay better?

  • Yes!
  • Nope.

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Is the revamp ver better than the old version?

  • I would say yes, 10/10 in my opinion.
  • I wouldn’t say yes, i would say no. Opinion exists.

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Do you think this can be in Regular FE2?

  • I’d say yeah, but low chances.
  • Nope, it’s not worthy.
  • Too bad to be an FE2 Official Map.

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Overall, how is the map?

  • Amazing Details and Amazing Gameplay! 2x better than old version.
  • Not that bad! but i like it, it’s awesome.
  • It looks fine eh.
  • Looks very okay, but uh. idk.
  • Bad

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Okay that’s really all! hope you all enjoy the map and have a good day! :heart: :blush:

I suggest looking into a way to make it within the localeventscript, similar to how Magmatic Mines does it, just so that you don’t have to turn on LoadAllScripts to have the full experience. Map looks awesome though, gonna definitely check it out!

GG good map!

You forgot to add outline to this box I think

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Boi that was a big revamp for the map. Now i love the map much more than before

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i did lol, its a union tho

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dont mind me, just voting this map cus its epic

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the images take up more space than the replies

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Look it like a normal part

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Hey i just updated the map to prevent some bugs.

  • Delayed Water1 Rise time.
  • Uncollided the mesh or unions that blocked our way.
  • Fixed ExitRegion Bug


instantly unvotes a map to vote this one

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when will bolarity noticed this?! :trol:

Not a bad take on the forest theme! I’d add some light sources and revamp the lighting in general, but this is well made.

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Not bad at all I must say

I like how the assets are decorated and how all the colors compliment eachother and I really love the gameplay, couldn’t stop myself from playing it over and over lol

The only thing that’s a little weird to me is how the ambiance is sort of darkish while the sky is somewhat bright, it personally doesn’t make a great combo in my perspective

Overall, the map in itself is really well-made. +1 vote


Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hey guys i updated the pictures now! you can now slide to see all the map pictures.

Done This My Video, Enjoy

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hey everyone i updated the map once again, the pillar changed. It can bounce now.

Really nice map

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thank uuuu so much Bolarity!