Forgotten Jungle ( COMPLETED )

ID : 2640885166
Status : Gathering Supports
BGM : Undertale - Hope and Dreams
Creator(s) : Lsy2006News & RichardIosRBX ( For end room only )
Desc : A map which is open-themed, and this map is more focus on gameplay so yeah.
Part Count : 2.1k

Picture #1:

The spawn

Picture #2:

Maybe you will spend most of time here ree

Picture #3:

Easiest part for the map

Picture #4:

The last part = hardest ( this place didn’t exist before revamp )

This map won’t have more updates

this doesn’t look like a jungle
add some more trees and change the dirt material to slate
also, please, change the music, cause it doesn’t fit the jungle theme


so I can change to what name for the map ??

neon boxes doesnt even fit


lsy can you stick to facility maps :'D

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Ok, I committed myself bad in outdoor ( or open-themed ) work lol

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It looks sick! Maybe add slate and stuff, even though you wrote

This map won’t have more updates

But it looks nice, decent and overall OK, Continue making maps like this :+1: