(forgotten map) Lost Valley

I made this map 1 year ago as a test to see if I’m able to work with wedges. And still, I use this technique to make the terrain smooth. and I will use this for the rest of my career. Detailing wasn’t my thing 1 year ago so it may look bland.

Creator: lolikbenhier
BGM: Kubbi - Pathfinder (since I want to give the map a relaxing vibe)
Buttons: 6 normal buttons, 3 group buttons. 9 buttons in total.
ID [also a New map by me has been added onto this ID]: 1210509092

nothing more…? let’s go to da pics (with very dark setting since I suck at the lightning that time.
room 1: outside room

room2: a temple entrance (?)

room 3: still the temple

room 4: where that vent needs to lead you

room 5: dynamic outside room (was struggling with the right perspective)

Finish: the legendary blue tree feeding with the electric blue water.

that’s it, now 1 little poll:
Is the terrain good enough for me to succeed in my personal test?

  • Yes, it looks great!
  • It looks well, but not good enough
  • I don’t think you’ve succeeded.

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Ok cool

looks pretty good

Cool map! Personally, in room 2 I think that the checkered wall texture really stands out and it just doesn’t fit well. I also find it strange how in room 4 there’s lava, and then another lava texture underneath it. It looks kind of weird in my opinion. I think the finish could be better, the walls lack detail. Aside from that the map seems good!

Looks quite decent, but the transition between the valley and the temple looks weird
Try to change the details on the floor or the tunnel thing
Electro blue water seems weird imo but since it’s supposed to go with the sacred feeling I’ll let it pass

Ja I played this yesteday

The overall of details in this map were decent.

The trees and terrains design are fine, they can get improved.

The neon that behind the lava fall at the 4th room did not fit with the whole scenery imo, I suggest to change the color to be something that dark or change the texture to be forcefield. (It’s up to your opinion, and that is ok if you will not change it)

Some of the trusses in the parkour part should be the planks or woods instead. ( I think there’re too many of it such as the trusses in the 5th room )

7.15/10 “decent map”

brah 8/10, cool map!

Don’t really like the ultra red lava in a this environment. The colours clash a bit and are awkward, eg. the boxes. Besides that, it’s decent.

also i agree with you
walls texture looks kinda odd


Lost Valley is a really nice map, and I like it! :smile:
The gameplay is fun, and the BGM fits well! The details and the designs look amazing, and the assets look fantastic.

You deserve a vote. Great job! :+1:

Pls give me the id ;-;

Is this My map reference?

idk, made this 1 year ago, so I’ve never knew that.

reminds me of rotate room lmao

Where was I saying anything about detail? Did you read my post?

This is alright but textures don’t fit

Especially in the last room

the map is a bit too vibrant for my liking, try 5o add some ecree fog or change the colors tp a fainter, pastel shade?

The lightning settings were messed up, in game it looks better with fog and stuff.