Forgotten Tombs Revamp (Hiring Closed)

I have a plan to revamp Forgotten Tombs. Making it longer, changing some of the gameplay, and making an OST if we go far enough. I am hiring up to 7 devs, and I must approve your work. I will not be the lead developer, as we take a vote on who should be the leader.


  • MythicalMudkipRBLX
  • Phexonia
  • Mac_mintedDev
  • Kriscross102
  • DMinecraft999
  • jacys23
  • Bluirre
  • RaxdiiGames
  • DystopianGamerFE2
    9 is enough.
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I’ll think about it for now…

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Revamping Forgotten Tombs? That’d be great by getting inspired from FE2! :smile:
I’ll help you by improving and adding details and the designs! :+1:

My username on Roblox is Phexonia.

me lol

I’ll script xD

User: Kriscross102

I can help lamo

sounds fun! ill join!

bluirre is my roblox username

give me


Wow! Nice job for getting Mythical on the list! :+1: :partying_face:
Yeah um i wanna join

i have accepted your request!

@MythicalMudkipRBLX accepted request, u can invite me

Still waiting on people to accept the friend request, I will open when all have accepted.

I know one thing that needs revamp or nerf. the little parkour at the hallway to button 1. IT’S RIGGED AS HELL!


freak, i was wanting to join it before ill quit, but really nevermind : (

its not! this jump just needs patience.

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