Forsaken Foundation (how does this have 28 votes)

Status: Gathering Support, Whitelisted
Description of Map
A map I am working on inspired of Thermal Base by LionLai123. Note that nothing is currently finished and there will be lots of changes coming!
ID: 4367161358 (Could get changed, since I use it for testing maps)
Creator(s): federoblox244
Music: RBLXDenimated - Forsaken Foundation OST

Pictures / Videos of Map (Updated 16/12/2019)-

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

Picture 5

Picture 6

Picture 7

Picture 8

Picture 9

Picture 10

Picture 11 - Prequel of Rainy Hillside [COMING SOON.]










federoblox244 (why am i pinging myself)









What’s the difficulty of the map?

May be Insane or Hard

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I need help on something

Does anyone know how to make so when a button is pressed the bean rotates? Something like this;

Before pressed:


After pressed:


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you could make the part rotate

not sure

you need two beams, one with transparency 1, the other transparency 0.

when you press button, you need to make the transparent one opaque (0) while the opaque one transparent (1) with button functions.

then it’s flipped

vote from me ^^

Nice map!

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pLz tell me your secrets on how to build eeeeeeee

Try adding a negative sign next to the beam speed so 1 would be -1 that should work.


In the Beam properties, swap Attachment0 and Attachment1. I think that would do it.

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ok boomer

that makes the beam go backwards not rotated though

he needs to have the beam change ingame, not Studio

Oops, I meant he can swap the attachments with EventScript using a btnFuncs[#].

Something like this:

Lib.btnFuncs[#] = function()
     <Beam Location>.Attachment0 = <AttachmentB>
     <Beam Location>.Attachment1 = <AttachmentA>
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One of the best maps I’ve seen you make to date; amazing work! :+1:


I’m so excited to make an video on this map when it done!

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cool map! the bgm could Undertale OST - Core

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I have to say that this looks a lot better then your other maps


but da crate looks like a free model