Forum Minigame!

This one is simple. Somebody names a map, and then the next person has to name another map that starts with the last letter of the previous map name! If somebody messes up or nobody can think of another map name, the game restarts. Nobody can break the chain so if somebody says something random to try and break the chain, just continue. Maps can be in FE2 and Map Test (Whitelisted and Not Whitelisted). No repeats of map names (unless the game got restarted).

Pro tip: Stay away from the letter Y and numbers lol.

Forum Game… Start!

Blue Moon


Wait, it can be official maps and maptesting maps?

Yeah map testing maps as well. Theres not many official maps.

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Nightingale Avenue

Electroman Adventures

(wait it’s last letter to first right?)


Autumn Hideaway

Last letter of the last word lol.


wait now i’m confused

I’m guessing you meant

cba or whatever

but Autumn Hideaway don’t start with s

Pop said suntopia but i was also answering your question at the same time lol.

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oh i see xD

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Ok so. If i say Blue Moon, last letter of the last word is n. So so fed said Nightingale avenue.

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yeah i see now.

Ok let’s restart

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Lost Woods

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Raging Depths

Sky Sanctuary

Yard Residence

(idk if that’s whitelisted but ye xD)

Eternal clockwork

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(no s but ok)