Fractured Downtown

Status: Gathering Support, Work In Progress (63% Complete)

Creators - DominoContributing - Project Lead and Main Builder

CoreSpaceCoreSpace - Mesh Builder and Map Organizer
Ethan76167 - Script Manager and Map Enhancer

Part Count (so far) - ~6,600

Music - Waterflame - Running From Demons

Description of Map
Fractured Downtown is a map that was originally from the CrusheR, as one of the five star maps, that I made, along with Richard, last year. I’ve revisited and wow, there are a lot of stuff I could’ve improved on. I’m making a revamp of this map on a different game to feel like a more open environment. This map was intended to be a solo project, but I did need some help from two users over time to improve the map’s status. This map takes place in a dystopian-themed city named Domining.
Domining was a large metropolis that was home of hundreds of thousands. However, an incident occured after the pipes from the Flood Escape Area burst and malfunctioned, causing molten lava to flow through the pipes that connect through the city. The lava was a major catastrophe, completely causing damage to the concrete jungle and causing sidewalks to disintegrate, causing the floor to shift over, making buildings collide with each other. In fact, because of this, the city has become too dangerous to rehabilitate in, therefore everyone has evacuated. The city has become a barren wasteland, and the pipes are still spewing out lava, causing the lava to rise and to engulf the structures above. You went through one of the pipes after coming from another area, which leads to this city. You realize that you’ve taken the wrong turn and now that there’s no way back, it’s only time to escape before the lava will soon dominate you.

Pictures / Videos of Map-
Starting Point - Version 9
You will start inside the brown building on the left, once you go through the hole in the wall, players would go through the alley shown in the picture and into Ranzo Street, where the neighboring buildings are seen. Lighting has been added, along with some scripts and more enhancements.

Building Interior - Version 2
Players will enter this beige-colored warehouse after going through Ranzo Street.

Future Plans

  • We’re currently making a bridge that will let the player travel from the warehouse to a neighboring residential building. The player will have to go through an abandoned apartment with blaze on its path. Planning to climb up the building using the balconies.

Anyways, stay hyped, we’re doing a lot of work to make sure to get this map done as quickly as possible!

Ok then set day time between 6-7 pm

I already have lighting regions installed already. But yeah sure.

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looks cool can’t wait

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When it’s Whitelisted and Published, i will review this map. I’ll be looking foward your map

The place are perfectly polished

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You didn’t introduced me that I collab with you Fractured Downtown - The CrusheR version XD


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What’s the music ID? (ik it’s lightspeed)

Wait a moment this is awkward… 1st pic is not same as second pic as sign Post’s position is changed…

oh yes city theme, demolition pathway, anyways i thonk you could improve with it having more of a catastrophic setting like, TCR’s Fractured Downtown

me approv nearly got my vote tho.

p.s if you already added i didnt notice a

That’s what we are trying to do!

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Domining Diamonds

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Fun fact :bulb:

This map holds the name of a five-star level on The CrusheR

Mentioned way back.

imma revive this
are you still working on this please say yes

Not currently. On vacation rn.



because you aren’t working on this, you lose my vote

he’s working on Eradicated Facility i think which is better imo

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