Frostbite [Remastered/Completed]

Status: Whitelisted and completed, don’t think il add much suggestions since part count is alr like 4k but if u have any suggestions on changes il happily oblige:D
ID: 1324702751 (Temporary)

Creator(s) : realdraggy66
Music: Winter Waltzer
Completion Time: 1:05-1:10
Part Count: 3794 (Strakk’s Brick Counter) / 4024 (Ingame one idk what its called and idk which is the accurate one lol)

Description of Map
Another Mapp revamp eee have fun

-Pictures/Videos of Map-
First Area:

Second Area:

Third Area:

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another just outstanding map


boi you are really improving


the trees look like free models but
it’s still great

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Looking epic! I think the tree meshes can be changed, they don’t really suit a winter based map.


Bro how are you so good at building


This looks decent, not gonna lie. I have a small issue with the trees though. They’re really high in detail compared to other parts of the map. I’d recommend using a less high-poly leaf mesh and/or changing the trees completely. You still have my vote tho :+1:


Yo wth

he really :0


i think the trees were made from a plugin

Nahh lol just reused the rock mesh i made for the leavesss il prob redo it laterr since ppl r suggestin to change da treesss:>

I think the trees fit right in. Though I think some of them are a bit too curvy tbh

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kk mappa doneeee if da trees r still weird or they need a fix tell meee
Also if u test the map please dont question why the exit door is legit broken lol hf kthxbai

i saw the original version in a lot of fe2 games for some reason

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I would say that you spent too much on detail than scripting. This map and Hidden Grotto are harder than you realize.

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ooo aite il make the lava slower ty for the info;p;


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why is there a fire alarm outside bruh