Frozen Settlementđź—» [Update]

Frozen Settlement: :mount_fuji:
Status: Complete, Gathering Support
ID: 2923463368
BGM: Undertale - Core
Completion Time: 1:31-1:38 (solo)
Buttons: 8 (3 of them group buttons)
Parts: 3045 (possible lag)


Welcome to my second make that I've built. I think this map has the most epic views, compared to the others. The map is set in snowy mountains, with a climbing section, a small industrial section and a large, industrial area with a facility building.

yes im releasing this map 5 days after the last one


You have just escaped the treacherous springs, and you end up in a freezing environment, filled with snow and ice. The fog hovers over the mountains and it is dark outside. To add on to the frigid conditions, the frozen, yet deadly water is building up. You see that the mountains are covered with weird liquid collectors, and strange towers and icicles, which messes with your mind. The sun is about to come out though, so the slightly spooky vibe you get from this place will eventually disappear. In the meantime, you must climb up the snowy mountains before the ice traps you and you freeze to death.


Soon, with your ideas, I will redo some of the details in this map. Also low detail mode will come soon.


  • Shortcut patches
    * Patched shortcuts near the tower and 2nd button
    * Patched shortcut near the 4th button
  • Arrows are no longer double sided, and always show you where to go next (affected by buttons)


  • New Details:
    * First area has a control station, second area has new pipes and details, third area has new wires.
    * Slight changes to the tower climbing section. Facility in the 3rd section changed slightly.
    * The end tunnel is more natural.
  • Gameplay:
    * The facility doors now close after the lava fills the rooms.
    * One industrial dip platform is smaller.
    * Buffed lava in the 2nd facility very slightly.
  • Low-detail mode, which removes bushes, facility decoration, and particles.
    One of the last updates to this map.

– Pictures –

(as of 5/30/2020)

da beesst Part of Da MAP!1!:

Spawn area:

Near Facility #1:

Facility #1-A:

Facility #1-B:

High, outside Facility #1:

Industrial dip:

Leading to the open summit:

Tunnel to the open summit:

Open summit, frozen section:

Top of the summit, from below, some sunlight:

Facility #2 Entrance:

Facility #2:

Outside Facility #2, end stretch, in sunlight:

Government bird’s eye view:


givemenamepls: (1:41)



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holy moly this is very impressive, i will play it later tho. voted!!

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looks cool ig

Map name has been changed to Frozen Settlement.

1st victor?
tbh this map is just “ok” wise in detail, but the gameplay needs a nerf. the map states “insane” while in reality this is a medium crazy because judging from the speed of the lava, you have absolutely no time to see where to go unless you want to die about a few centimetres to the next area which was meant to be sealed with doors

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I love this map! voted

I really like your maps

its nice so far but can u nerf facility #B-1. The liquid too fast for me, gameplay fine


looks nice tho

This map looks really nice, the terrain, the building is perfect for this map. that’s a vote.

cool, but please don’t use toothpaste neon

also why does this remind me so much of my other map called dusk snow

wow 13 votes already

is the map too hard for insane? dammit this is what happens when i play my maps too much >_<

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Pretty hard it doesn’t fit it’s difficulty

nvm its fine. Tower section is good.

yes why do I have to write more then 5 characters

nerf incoming

what should i nerf in this map? (difficulty im aiming for is medium-hard insane)

lava speed and then I think it will be fine

maybe make a few jumps like at the beginning at the start before b-1 a bit harder