Games you played in your childhood or when you were a kid


This is just a list. Doesnt need to be in order anyways

Minecraft PE (before it was called bedrock)
Minecraft Java Edition (probably since 1.5.2)
Motoheroz (My most favorite wii game)
Every single earn to die game.
Zombie Road Trip (bored lol)

This list may be incomplete but maybe it will be finished soon.


Minecraft PE 0.9.0
Angry Birds
Plants vs Zombies

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I played the demo version of that. I never had any Wii Points lol

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Duet (iPad)
Mario Kart Wii (Wii ofc)
Crossy Road (iPad)
Miitopia (3DS)
Tomodachi Life (3DS)
Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)

Mine would be weird ones.

  • Chris saywer’s - Locomotion (PC) (First game ever played)

  • Sim city 4 (PC) (most favorite childhood game)

  • Rollercoaster tycoon 3 (PC)

  • City life 2008 (PC)

  • Battle Gear 2 (PC, free-game on internet website)

  • Age of defense 3(PC, free-game on the internet website)

  • Shop empire (PC, most favorite free-game on the internet website)

fancy pants adventures
hate me or not I actually enjoyed that game

Lol me too. I never got the full version.

So demo was the only thing I could get.

Rn since the game is kinda gone, me and my brother wanted to play it on pc by playing it through a wii emulator.

And it went well, but controls were confusing as it required a wii remote so had to play it with keyboard.

Minecraft PE (before it was called bedrock)
agar.io still play it
word cookies (don’t ask)
gd (still do a bit)
minion rush
Cut the rope
I have a toy of him and a really old shirt
might be able to find it

minecraft bedrock edition
roblox 2017 edition

lol yes i’m only 11

What is ‘kid’ supposed to be?

If you mean -13, then it would probably be roblox,town of salem

Minecraft PE
Geometry Dash
Sim City (mobile)
Wii Resort
Wii Sports
Uh bunch of wii games
Angry Birds

Def has more games but can’t remember

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I have 1990s game on my list, kind of strange

Lego rock raiders, Legoland, both on PC.
Mario kart wii
Minecraft (I played first on 1.6.2)
Super smash bros brawl
mario and sonic at London 2012 olympics
(Tessellati_n is mario fan confirmed)

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Angry birds, cut the rope, minecraft demo version on mobile, and coolmath games there was probably more but I forgot.

And I think around 11 yr I got a mini Sega genesis thingy which is this that my mom happened to found under abunch of drawings.

And one of those portable mini genesis consoles from 2016.

Yeah I was a sonic fanboy back then.

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The earliest I can remember for games that I loved was from 2011 so here I go.


Need for Speed Nitro (DS/DSi)
Phineas and Ferb and the other dimension (DSi)
some Diego and spongebob game (DSi)
Some Wii ski game (Wii)


Face Raiders (3DS XL)
Super Mario 3D Land (3DS XL)
Some other applications that my 3DS had
Subway Surfers (iPad (not mine)
Some penguin surfer game
FIFA even though I didn’t play it I just watched my brother
Wii Sports


Order Up (iPad)
Hay Day (iPad)
this soccer game I forgot the name (iPad)
some weird platform called Roblox have you guys heard of that? (iPad)

Basically Roblox is where it all ended new games for me.


Fortnite (Xbox)

2019 (even though I was 13)

Tomodachi Life (3DS XL)

I’ve played other games but these were by far my favourites.

I play all of those lol

ayy Om-Nom gang

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I still play them too, just not as much as I use to