Gemstone Mine

Gemstone Mines. Recently an earthquake happened causing workers to retreat and evacuate down into the cave systems. The ones who tried to get to the lift underground died in the cave. The ones who hid survived. Now you’ve got to get to the lift that leads down to the cave systems before the flood reaches you!

Status: not white-listed

Here is an early image preview of the map.

And here is an improved version of the map.

I hope this map gathers as much support as it can so it could possibly be added to the game.


Looks great, I suggest you keep working on it.

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I suggest change the material and color of the ground, it kinda looks like Lost Desert

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I’ve listened to what you said and here is the result

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WOOOOW Thats rlly Cool!! Crazyblox WIll add It!!!.

I like it, just keep that detail like that and keep it smooth and I think it has a chance.

looks really good.

yes keep working

Oh Yeah I’ve Updated the map previews should i still keep working on this map?

heck yeah do it

Map has officially been finished!

Nice! I’m planning on playing it when I get a chance to later, looks awesome! I willl rate it once I am done with it.

Not, that bad bro keep working! :smiley:

Why would you go down a lift during a flood?

Seems cool…

Anything can happen in ROBLOX.

yeetus yeetus, i’m gonna go commit map revivitus

I like this map
Gives me Deathrun vibes… I own the map model but idk if I should whitelist it

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