Genaral poast buut u muzt spel evriething rong heer (lollis pls nuo gramer polis)

normul genaeral poast
buut spel evriething rong
lollis doant gramer polis dis orr oofitie poofitie
repoast beecus lollis woud gramer polis du poast lazt tiem
beegin nou

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dis iz uzeles nou dat ie fink abut id

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Wat iZ dizzz

piggy bruh

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the most cringiest topic to ever exist, this reminds me of my dumb 2018 self and I don’t want cringe in my face because for some reason it’s takes me back to the past

Waot whit tht hsll oa tish


moad shuld loak thnis poisonts