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GENERAL CATEGORY - Updated May 27th, 2020


Hello, welcome to the General category! This is a category for overall conversation, in which users can talk about anything that fit within the policies of our forums. If you are a new user here looking for discussion and meeting other users, this is the correct category to choose from. However, every user must apply to the rules of the forum in order to be permitted on the forums.

This topic also covers general features of the forum for incoming users who read it.

For more information with the policies of the forum:

Terms of Service

Forum Rules / FAQ


To create a new topic, click on the New Topic button, which will open a new draft for you to start a topic.

When you access the draft tab, there are many tools that you can use to enhance the post you are making.
Tools include:

  • Quote whole post - this is used for replies to cite the whole post all together. There’s a separate feature where you can highlight statements and you can cite that in your post.
  • Bold & Italics - Used to strengthen or slant the selected text. You can bold text by surrounding the statement with two asterisks **text**, and italicize statements with one asterisk surrounding *text*.
  • Hyperlink - This feature is used to insert a link to another webpage. You can also add an optional title with the link attached instead of only using the link.
  • Blockquote - This is used to insert a block including text inside. You can also use the greater than symbol and adding some text for the same result, > text. This must be in a new line however. You can add multiple greater than symbols to add more blocks inside the block, >> text.
  • Preformatted Text - Similar to the block quote, however it acts as a codeblock. Also can be accessed with three grave accent symbols, ```text.
  • Image Gallery - This featured is used to include multiple images, shortened into a slideshow-like projection. Add images in between the div commands.
  • Upload - Add an image from your computer or from the web.
  • Bulleted List - Arrange statements in bullet points. Accessible by using one asterisk and text after, * text. Must be in a new line.
  • Numbered List - Similar to Bulleted List, but arranged in numbers. Accessible by adding 1. and then text right after to start a chain. Must be in a new line.
  • Emoji - Add emoticons to express.
  • Insert date / time - This is just a feature to add and project the date and time under what you pick.
  • Hide Details - Insert text under a statement that can be interacted with and clicked to reveal a message.
  • Build Poll - Add a poll to your post, there are many decisions for you to select.

Once you are finished with your post, select Create Topic and it will be available in the general category to be accessed upon. You can also reply to topics with the reply button. You can either reply to a topic or reply to an older post. Topic titles and descriptions need to be 10 characters long, and replies need to be 5 characters long.

For more information regarding markdown and formatting, check this post:

Post Tools / Member Role

You can interact with other user posts, by giving a like to show appreciation towards the post or reply. You can access the URL for that particular post, and you can either bookmark or flag the post. There are also some other minor features.
Now permissions will vary regarding on what trust level are you:

  • Default (0) - This is the starting rank for every new user. You are given basic permissions.
  • Basic (1) - This will give the user access to flagging posts, personal messaging, and the ability to post multiple images and links.
  • Member (2) - This will give you the ability to like more posts, sending invitations, and creating group personal messages.
  • Regular (3) - This is the strongest normal trust level a user can have. This gives users the ability to like more posts, recategorizing and renaming topics, and taking advantage of more powerful spam flags.
  • Leader (4) - This is an overpowered role in which users are able to globally edit all topics and posts, special actions such as pinning, closing, unlisting, archiving, spliting, merging, and deleting topics.

Moderators have special abilities to modify posts and removing them as well, so please keep in mind of what you post.

Rules of the General Category (actually every category)

I. Always make sure to respect every member here on the forums.
II. Make sure to improve the discussion of a topic, remember, if you are adding a reply to a certain topic, make sure to contribute to the topic by making it better.
III. Swearing and profanity are not allowed on the forums. However, mild swear words and innuendos are permitted, such as ‘damn’, ‘hell’, ‘crap’, ‘frick’, etc. Censoring profane words is also not allowed, since it’s just as noticeable as the real thing.
IV. Make sure to never threat anyone on the forums.
V. Please do not upload any inappropriate images or links to the forums. This includes any extremely violent images, sexually explicit images, offensive images, or anything that may be deemed inappropriate toward the community and the moderators. No, this doesn’t mean you can do it with text either!
VI. Topic conflict (drama) is not allowed on the forums. If you report a conflict, report it to the moderation team ASAP.
VII. Do not spam in topics.
VIII. Advertising is not allowed on the forums. However, anything Flood Escape-related (maybe ROBLOX-related) may be accepted. But please make sure to come in contact with a moderator to avoid your post being flagged.
IX. Keep the forum tidy. This means to avoid going off-topic in a separate discussion, don’t start a topic in the wrong category, or post non-content replies.
X. Do not steal other people’s work without crediting them. You may not post descriptions of, links to, or methods for stealing someone’s intellectual property (software, video, audio, images). This also includes map-stealing.
XI. Please do not misuse the flagging system. There’s consequences to doing that.
XII. Flagging your own post will result in the post being deleted. Be careful with what you flag.
XIII. According to the Terms of Service, you must be thirteen years or older to use the forum due to COPPA. Though, you will not be terminated for this reason.
XIV. Make sure not to mention other users without a valid reason to.
XV. If you break the rules of the forums after being suspended, your suspension will be longer than the previous term.
XVI. Make sure to only mention the moderator group if there’s a major issue going on. Stick to one moderator for regular issues.
XVII. If you want to close a topic, make sure to mention one moderator only.
XVIII. Do not harass other users. Whether it’s on a topic or in a private DM, moderation will be taken.
XIX. Make sure not to badge farm. Badge farming is where you make desperately overused actions in order to obtain a badge.
XX. Do not abuse your power as a member, this including flagging, changing other people’s topics and categories, or for the moderators, using the granted powers to cause distraught.
XXI. Make sure not to spread personal information to the forums. Please double check before you share something.
XXII. If you think the action you’re doing will result in consequences, avoid progressing.
XXIII. Make sure to have fun and get along with our community. :slight_smile:
XXIV. Useless post making that have no advancement or point in the forums are not allowed in the forums, as they will be deleted.


If you believe a topic or post doesn’t belong in our community, flag the post and state the reason why you’re doing so. Every flag is moderated in the forum, and a moderator will either approve, reject, or ignore flags. The community can also vote to see their own opinion if the flag should be moderated or not. The moderators add that factor and inference to see if it belongs. Users should never flag for the wrong reason, and if the flagging power is abused, consequences will occur. There is a separate post talking about flagging enforcement:


If a user keeps violating the forum rules that is seen from the moderators and the community, then account consequences can occur.

Official Warning - If users find you wrongful of your actions as your first offense, you may receive a DM from a moderator warning you to not continue.
Silence - Silencing an account means that the user cannot start any topic or reply to any topic. It is usually enforced with minor issues as a warning. Time frames may vary depending on the severity.
Suspension - A suspension restricts a user from entering his/her account, preventing them from logging in. This is taken as a first step to discipline, where consequences actually start. Depending on the severity, users can be suspended for different time periods. However, more offenses make the suspension time periods longer.

A user can request a suspension if they feel comfortable by DMing a moderator.

Topic Actions

A moderator or higher can deem certain actions on topics.

The close feature restricts a topic from being replied to. Only the topic creators can request their topics to be locked, however, other users can request for the topic to be locked if the topic drama has become severe. Topics can also have topic timers, basically a time limit before they close. This can also be requested.

Topics can also be deleted if they are not appropriate for the forums or by request. This completely removes the page for no one to see.

Topics can be pinned for great importance. They are redirected to the top of the category. Almost every time, topics are never allowed to be pinned unless they are important (like this one). However if a topic is extremely helpful to incoming users or needs to be addressed, then the topic can be pinned for a period of time.


This covers almost everything that you should know about the whole category, even the whole forum, and some other features as well. If you are interesting in learning more complex, minor features, check in with a moderator.
If you are interested in submitting maps for FE2 Map Test in the Map Submissions category, click here:

Make sure to follow the guidelines of the forum to make sure you stay out of trouble. Overall, make sure to have fun discussion topics with the community, this is a forum after all. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions, ask an experienced user or moderator if you have a question regarding anything forum-related.

Thanks for reading.

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first lol

Agree with this entirely.


thank you.

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you dont know how happy i am to read this being typed by a moderator
no offense


DressPress and TimeNotDesign OUGHT to read this.
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Thank you so much for creating the rules to the General Category Guidelines! I appreciate how much you’re protecting things as a Moderator, and I’m really happy to see the rules being arrived on the topic. Hopefully, the members will now be able to understand their ways by following the Guidelines.

At the beginning of the Guidelines, many new members will now understand by making their new topic and doing their features with the tools, which is really great for beginning your own topic.

Member Roles is really such a helpful way to understand more about how much roles you’re getting. However, New Members can now learn about their roles and try their best for becoming the higher roles like Member or Regular, and so on.

While many people caused troubles by breaking the rules in the General, it’s okay to understand your mistakes. As for everyone to become the member of Crazyblox Games Forum, they can now follow the rules without getting in trouble and without dangers from the warning. With the Guidelines on the Forum, they can no longer do bad things and try their best to understand how rules can be worked together to follow them. We can all respect and follow the Rules; because in the future, it’ll make the forum better and brighter today!

For the Conclusion, it’s an amazing idea for New Members to understand making a topic for your map, including templates! Templates are very useful and very helpful for Members to understand their ways by doing their Map Creations. While creating their maps, they can share with everyone by playing their maps and give their feedback on the topic, including suggestions that everyone likes to help for improvements with their own map.

I am really proud and looking forward to see more of the updates in the Guidelines, and hopefully, more contents will arrive on CG Forum in the future. I appreciate your helpful Guidelines.

Thank you again for protecting the General category! :hugs:


what to say


All of the rules I quote will tie together into what I say…

Okay so now going to this…

I was automatically suspended for cyberbullying. Here’s the thing, I didn’t really care since I deserved it but at least a Silence or something like that should do before a suspension. And let me tell you, I don’t get why I was suspended for one day. You do realize that I broke more that one rule and that was all the ones I quoted above? I technically should have deserved an 3 month suspension. Harassment, flag-misusing, Regular Power Abuse, Not Stopping When asked by HRs, starting drama, and not improving the discussion was basically a rule breaker alert.

So what I want is this…

You should at least see the rules the person has broken and combine the punishments, don’t just go straight to what they actually caused, because there is more than just that one thing they broke. I’m not saying you should ban me again since I have learned from my lesson on how harsh I was to myself and others (and of course being a stupid cyberbully). But I only want this so that if they have broken more than one rule in the process, they can have more time to understand what they did wrong and at least realize what not to do on the forum. But that’s just my thoughts about these new guidelines.

Maybe you should update the other category guidelines as well…

though people will ignore it and you know who already :roll_eyes:


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Also Domino could you fix some badges? Literally the Autobiographer badge keeps getting awarded to me for no reason, even though I already got it.

And can you get banned for NSFW stuff on your profile (ex: banner, pfp, desc, etc.)

Like I want this as my banner for example, is this allowed or no (don’t flag me, I’m just asking a question.)

gamer moment

I agree with this. Also, quick question. I had regular a long time ago, is there a way I can get the role back?

Yes you are able to though if you got banned (like me), 100% you will never get Regular back.

Givemenamepls , jastenchoa2007 and CarefulScary are lucky people, now they are famous because of the picture.

Yes, it’s true, it’s sad but is true.

ok what is that

(no offense i was only asking :pensive:)