Get ready for CHAOS

Hey, guys. Just saying that I am already making Orochi as a map for FE2. Ya know, I really like watching people suffer and when they feel pain, so I decided to make Orochi as a map for FE2.
If you don’t know, what is Orochi, search it on YouTube. You may see a Geometry Dash video. Orochi is the hardest level in the whole GD (even harder than Bloodbath lmao). ZappyZooms is already making Bloodbath, so I decided to make Orochi >:D

Btw, remember when I said “Imma be second kukkaith2 soon”?. Yeah, I am second KukkaiTH2 NOW. Orochi (FE2 Map) is gonna be second HARDEST map in map test (after my WIP map Blasted Emergency). There will be details as well.
Orochi is gonna be harder than Blasted Emergency as well. I putted it on 2nd place, cause it is my second really hard map (almost impossible)

Ok den

n o d o n t

oki cool

there better nor be 0.05 stud jumps

Imperial circus chaos!

Chaotic time. :open_mouth::open_mouth::sunglasses:

yeah, even the post was made 1 year ago :hot_face:

said the person who makes easy - hard maps only.

Umm yeah about that.

Well good luck on making it.