Get Your Map Noticed!

Type in your map ID in the comments and I will play them! Other people can play them too! The map needs to be whitelisted!

Ok, here’s mine : 2413748633

Maps : Senpai… Is that you?

no my maps never has senpais


my maps said it’s all never has senpais

It’s for ‘Flood Forest’.

Just a question; Is this meant to be cancollide true?

well, yeah ! it’s an aquarium… you can"t break the glass to get in there

you have to go trought the pipe in the snow area to get in.

umh… but I think i will use an other texture for the glass … so there will be no confusion

Oo, interesting. Welp here is my map id, 1260182724. You can view it as complete or incomplete, might extend a bit, might not. Also might add some extra detail… Sorry if you find it confusing, ill add more arrows if needed. ;w;

That is one amazing map! I’d change the name, though, to something like Temperature Mansion, because HotCold Mansion DOES NOT appeal to me! Also, I’d change it to Normal for having Lava in there.

Great map! I couldn’t finish it so I’d put it to Hard. I would add more arrows but the detail is amazing! It’s a great map and could be put into FE2 (I mean it!).

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Nice map, but I had no idea where to go! The detail is great, but I’d make the path more clear.

Okay. Thanks for the feedback.

1921855128 (WIP) pls test xdd

thanks you !

and OK i will change the name !

by the way I am working on another map, you will see it will be Amazing, it will be a massive map with 3 way to go to the exit, I post a new topic about it yesterday and now I am waiting until it get accepted by a moderator…

do you know how i could see if my topic go rejected or still in the waiting lines ?


This map is too hard for me! It’s got lovely detail and I think it’s great!

lol rip