Going to be inactive here for a while

Im really considering being inactive. Theres not much to do tbh and its getting really boring. Im not really leaving the game, just the forum possibly. Its getting boring, and i dont have any motivation left to do anything here.

Im not gonna stop map making. I will still release maps bit i prob would rarely post them

I might come back if i change my mind, its a temp decision. Not sure for how long, perhaps a month, week or something, whenever i feel like it. I feel like i need a small break from this.

Ill release pandora hopefully today if i manage to ask my parents if i can use pc and then ill take a break for some time or just be inactive

I want to take this break to try get more active in other communities to show others my builds and perhaps get some better building skills, id like to find my own style sometime since my style is very lackluster and repetetive, and maybe try more things in blender

Clarification: only leaving the forum for a while, not sure for how long. Not leaving map making or the game overall.

Thank you for all the memories i guess, ill be back someday


It’s fine man

Tbh I don’t mind my current building skills but take a break if you need to.

I guess thanks man

Im going to stay here for a lil bit until i publish pandora, then ill become inactive

Have a good break! We hope you have more friends in other communities and achieve your dreams! And we will be with open arms if you change your mind!

Goodbye Overminted! :wave:


bye for now my man


have fun on the break

have a good break my man aka one of my most fav builders

I understand how it feels like to be inactive. Hope you feel better soon! :wave:


now he definitely left
rip ;-;

yeah last online was 8 hours ago :disappointed:

Isn’t that normalt


Ddint I leave for like a day

he is now online at discord :lips:

actually came back for a short while because i needed to say something out

well now he’s suspended

And now you had to revive, even tho the drama stopped.

NOO outdat :triumph:


k going on that alt

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