Going to make old cave system remake in future

I am going to make a fully remake of old cave system and im searching help making it.
Things what i don’t know how to make:
Making the camera script on the underwater room
making it stop when entering the exit area
decorations (platforms looking, crystals etc.)
Do someone would like to help?
-also, im making this remake for:
FE2, Tide outbreak (if they ever accept it), Flood Escape test & my game (im also running a fan game).


I can help xD

Also, can I see the old cave system since I’ve never seen it

Okay. Thanks!
I add you to the friend list.
I think i start working on it next day, alright?

Watch old FE2 gameplay videos from 2017 on youtube.

Ok, :slight_smile:

Ok I’ll do that

let me friend you. Whats your username?

Kriscross102, search on google since it tags

i have a magic plugin on my roblox website, letting me search you even if the name is tagged

Ok cool, I just saw a video and I think I can make it!

Request send, accept it!

I’ll be able to do scripting,


Ok, accepted

I remind you next day.

Alright, lets make it!

Ok! Let’s do it

i am waiting for you.

Which place is it, I’ll see if I can find it, cause it didn’t show up