Graveyard 💀 [15 VOTES!]

Graveyard :skull:

Status: Whitelisted, Gathering Support
Difficulty: Normal
Buttons: 1
BGM: ROBLOX - Nezzera
Map ID: 3237939458

This is a tribute to everyone who was banned in Billie_Ellish’s banwave.


none lol

why am i there

you said you were banned

oh it must have been from the day before

i requested + i was banned by domino

i guess this ban wasnt useless because Erik wanted to ban me but he saw that i was banned already

This concept I feel and know what it is.

All the people that were included in the ban wave.

it was rushed

too rushed

you forgot to anchor :joy:

ok thanks i died because i posted a arab funni with n word glad that i didnt got banned

big funny but if you dont wanna get banned vote to say no ban :eyes: no im joking


oh cool you used the song i wanted to use as a bad ending song for a game i am going to make in futura

i am ready to look at my dead body cause why not

yes thats right

lol why am i not there too i got banned

i didnt know ill add you




oof, that’s sad