🍃 Greyscale Hills

Greyscale Hills [Normal] by Mar_10Z (@Mar_Plays11)

Gathering Support, Temporarily whitelisted

i/xk2q1 (temporary)
A relaxing trip through a grey-ish grove while escaping a flood.


Buttons: 9
Gameplay: ~1:25
Maxtime: 2:00
BGM: Qumu - Pirannha Plant Lullaby Remix
Difficulty: Normal

Parts: ~2.1k
Instances: ~ 3k

Time taken to complete: 10 Days

Pictures / Videos



First Area

Second Area

Last Area

Top View

(Sorry cave part is not shown)


Official Videos

Click here for the Official Greyscale Hills Video!
(might not have premiered yet so be patient)


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Your Feedback is appreciated!

Instant vote

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Really good map
This should get many big vote B)

Very Detailed, has too many trees though I still like it

+1 Vote

It looks really good, the name sounds kinda weird though. I recommend not using the word Greyscale. I’ll play it as soon as I can!

I enjoy the visual of the map but the gameplay is quite confusing at times (and also has some quite tough jumps for a normal)

My main criticism is that there is depth of field, it doesn’t make the map much better in my opinion but makes a big performance hit making the map unplayable in some cases due to the framerate being at average of 5FPS

:yawning_face: Decent map. I agree with the usage of DOF. Most players will not have a high-end device that can handle the DOF effect. Funny Video also smh :handshake:

This map is too many trees (I think you need to delete some of these, it will look better)
Also it got my vote :sob:

:flushed: i will update
sussy baka

Done This My Video, Enjoy

nice :+1:t4:

Ok I played it, and it I really good. Perfect use of the greyscale theme. I’m really glad you reused the ost. The gameplay i a bitconfuing in part but is pretty good overall.
Great Job.
I wanted to say that Monochrome mosaic should be revamped so the whole map is a mosaic. I really loved the idea and theme. I think remaking it could make it such a cool map!

this was supposed to be the revamped version but i decided to branch it off as its own thing

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update is postponed xd
but i do have the google draw version

post is in creativity

leaves Greyscale Hills [18 votes!]


almost to 20 votes!

20th vote

gg lol

Decoration and terrain are great, this map is so close to becoming one of my favorites, just some gameplay issues.

  • You can fall between these planks and it kinda ruins the platform as i fell at the 1st try and was truly terrified each time i went on it lol, easy fix though, add an invisible part to prevent falling.

  • That’s a quite big problem here, there is nothing to prevent the player from going further without pressing a button, like most maps. For example the player could have not seen a button and went to the next area thinking it was this way, and ending up in a situation like this (oof momento, happened to me). While adding things blocking the player, also make arrows change direction to guide the players towards the next button instead of having arrows pointing opposite directions at the same place.

  • Small suggestion here, this jump is pain as some poeple won’t see it coming, i didn’t fall, however some people could, especially in a normal map. Speaking of jumps there’s also jumps that i think might be too hard for normal difficulty, like the pole right after button 1, or the last jump of the cave. Or just jumps in the 2nd area, as falling usually means death unless you fell very early.

  • Another jump that could be improved in my opinion, not that it’s hard it’s just ankward. you could change it slightly or simply add planks, your choice.

  • Oh also yeah while taking screenshots, i noticed this. For that you could just add another part that would move up exactly like the lava, so that it feels like a door actually closing, same line of code in event script and place it against the lava on the side of the entrances.

  • And lastly, i feel like the 2nd area’s water level (including the lava in the cave) is rising a bit too fast for a normal map, falling in the 2nd area is deadly enough, no need to make things harder here as this map feels like a hard to me. A slight nerf of like… 5 seconds would probably be enough, and maybe make the lava in the cave rise later.

Alright done roasting gameplay, doing this because this map is great and i’m always very annoying when i think a map has good potential or is already great sorry :P, anyway good map, voted XP.

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