After creating one of the most critically acclaimed tank, the Real-Life tank, we thought we will do one step further.

We have spent an insane 500 years and trillions if not, septillions of dollars to create our latest, groundbreaking tank,

The Real-Life Chair!

This tank has been going through our insanely long process. Thanks to our advanced Not-So-Powerful Engine injected into Roblox, and the 100 billion parts that were contained inside, it allows us to make one of the best tanks out there!

We expect the price to be cheaper. I think it’s best for it to be worth 750,000,000,000,000 gems and if you dare pay for the micro-transactions just to get this, I’m sure you will all expect a death laser coming to erase all of your data. Not just Flood Escape 2 data, we expect the weapon to erase your entire hard drive. This is for us to ensure you will not see a paywall for the tank’s life and it inspires a great experience for all of you.

The picture below is final, please take a look.

We hope you enjoy this tank before its release.

I cannot tell you how much I’m laughing

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5/10 Needs more realism.

Absolutely incredible


you forgot to show picture of it on player >:((((((((