Guide on how to make fe2 maps

Hello, everyone, I wanted to make this guide for the community and also for my self cause I forget stuff fast.

I divided this into multiple sections.

  1. Introduction
  2. Building/Extra Textures
  3. Buttons
  4. Important blocks.
  5. How to add extra water.
  6. Event string

If u want to make your own fe2 map u start off with getting the map-making kit.
Link: https://www.roblox.com/library/688694610/FEMAP-Kit
So if u got the map and put it into a baseplate. You should open the model and look at what’s inside.
You will see Wall, Geometry, Interactives, Settings, EventString, AirTank, Intro, ExitBlock, ExitRegion, and Spawn.
U can remove the NPC and instructions If u wish to read the instructions keep them and read them.

Now I will explain what everything does.

This is where u put all your buildings in Except Buttons and things activated by buttons like jumps or stairs.

Here u put your Buttons and things activated by buttons.
More on how to use buttons later.

So first u have Lighting Here u can change the time fog and Ambient color.

Now the important Settings.
BGM: This is Music

Creator: Enter ur name here cause u made the map :smiley:.

1:Easy(almost everyone should be able to beat this.)
2:Normal(its a little harder than easy but not too hard.)
3:Hard(u should have put some time into the game to win this)
4:Insane(for ok/good players)
5:Crazy (for pro players)

If u want a map image upload a decal to Roblox get the id and put it into the value of map properties.
Make sure this image complies with the terms of service of Roblox.

Map name: Enter the name of your map

Building the map
Ok so you’re gonna start building the map I would recommend to use 1 stud and put collisions off.
I have some extra textures for u to use

This might seem confusing at first but once u get it it’s pretty easy.
If u want to make a button work u need to have a model in your interactives called _Button1.
If u want to use multiple buttons call them _Button2 _Button3 and so on.
Now if u have ur _Button1 From the fe2 Map making kit Ur gonna add a part or model Called Interactive, You’re gonna insert an Object Value into this.
The functions are,
The # are the number of the buttons u want this part to appear with.

If u want to use buttons to lower or raise the water.

Important Blocks
The Blocks U need To map a fe2 Map work:
Spawn: This should be 16,1,16 in size and this is where all players spawn
ExitBlock: This is the invisible wall before the exit region
ExitRegion: This is where players are When there finished
Intro: U can make a elevator in intro to make ur map look cleaner I won’t be going into detail on that(u put the water in here)
And event string more on that later

How to add extra water
Extra Water Should Be Added Into Intro U Duplicate _Water1 And Call ur second water _Water2.

Event String
Now, this might be the most important thing in ur fe2 map And its pretty hard to use if u don’t know-how.

So first the states of the water
Normal water Drains Slowly
Acid Drains fast
Lava instantly kills the player.

How to use the event string.
Start ur event string by copieng this.
local Lib = workspace.Multiplayer.GetMapVals:Invoke()

Lib.Button:connect(function(p, bNo) if Lib.btnFuncs[bNo] then Lib.btnFuncs[bNo](bNo, p) end end)

Then if u want to let the water rise

Lib.Script.moveWater(Lib.Map.Intro._Water1, Vector3.new(0, 30, 0), 10, true)
Enter this As u can see it has a thing called _Water1 And this is used to control witch water.
So u have Vector3.New(Enter the position of where u want the water to be.
The 10 stands for how fast u want the water to rise
U can add a wait (10) this delays the water from rising 10 seconds after the map starts.

How to change the waters state?
If u want to change the waters state use this
Lib.Script.setWaterState(Lib.Map.Intro._Water1, “lava”)
This will make the _Water1 Into lava

If u are done making Your EventString in a notepad or a Roblox script
Paste it into the properties of Eventstring.

First, u want to make a model of your map and allow copying. Get the id of ur map
Then goto this game,
And upload the id

This is everything I know I just wanted to share this


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I have done some work on that map it is not done And i Want to revamp it But Here the.

Wow! That is very useful for new users to learn by making a map! A guide would be really helpful to know how settings works, how you’re learning about the building skills, etc.
It would be really amazing to see how the new people in the forum or the community would try their best to make their own new map, because practice makes perfect for everyone! It’s a great idea to make your own first map if you’re new, as the guide helps the new people, which can be great for useful ones.

You have received a really good job for your own guide! I appreciate it. :+1:

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I wouldn’t really recommend 1 stud for building unless using wedges to make it less blocky. I’d suggest 0.5, 0.25 (most recommended), 0.125 and 0.1 (least recommend). Don’t use 0 studs because sometimes parts will bleed into one another and when building with me, it messes with my OCD.

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im not recommending 0.25 and 0.125 as they tend to mess things up, in this case i recommend 0.5 and 0.1 for smaller details

I Agree to everyone has their own opnion

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that was helpful

@federoblox244 how do people get their maps in the FE2 map testing when it still says “whitelisting request exceeded 100”?

you have to wait until Crazy clears the queue, which takes around 2 or more weeks.

@federoblox244 how can i get noticed when the queue is cleared? the update date is not being changed at all

fe2 discord server

i got banned

make an alt