Happy bday eddy!

Idk u much but happy bday
Here cake:


you dont need to do that.Not many user dont care about my birthday

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according to englsih grammar that means many users care abt ur birthday :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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mean no one, but not you. (english pretty bad sorry)

(its ok i understand)

ok what

can is you repost :grin:

Happy bread day

have your ca e k as cool guy :birthday:


No bread for you, I only have cake

Happy birthday! I’m happy to see June birthdays here I’m usually the only one lol

Caek is braed tho

d o u g h
(happy birthday)

Could you spam off this topic?
This topic is useless right now

very untrue my guy

happy (maybe late) birthdayyyyayyyyyyyyyyy


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Wait wdym

I don’t understand?

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he said “what do you mean?”

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