(Happy Holiday!) What Map Theme Has Never Been Used?

It’s Christmas Eve today! I’m Jewish, so I have Chanukah.
There are so many diverse themes in FE2MT, but I want to see which ones have not been used. Tell me in the comments, and here are some I thought of.

  • none
  • none
  • none
  • none
  • none
  • none
  • none
  • none

idk if airport can be one
hotels are underused
farms are underused
house escapes for any reason
schools are a bit underused

Easter is underused as well.

Inside a computer?

A daycare?


the human body but why would you

Ocean (like in an ocean with sea life creatures)


Fields (soccer/football field, American football field etc)

Bored games?


That’s all I can think of…

board games you mean lol

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hydrochloric acid escape ecks dee
poop runway ecks dee x2
digestive dilemma

just random ideas if anyone is gonna make those lol

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11/10 name lol

just a runway covered with poop

i might use that one day

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Innovation Inc. Labs

The only map I’ve seen this used in is “The Doors”

Other than that I havent seen a actual map based around only this said topic.

Counts as a lab map lol

grammar police

you are under arrest for spelling Hanukkah wrong

that’s the transliterated hebrew word

wait you speak Hebrew I thought you were from America

i am israeli

ok then

Major brainwave Rooftop Map Or Mirror’s Edge themed map

I’ve made 1 birthday map. cuz no one ever done that.

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