[Hard] [15! Votes!] Floating Oasis

Status: Whitelisted, Gathering Support

Description: After discovering a strange floating Savannah, you come to realize a large flooding has occurred below you. Being the last few people to live, you rush to the top of the islands to avoid death. (water is lava btw)

ID: 2488581320


I hope you enjoy my creation! This is the first time I used negated terrain. Looks a lot smoother and less blocky.

Just to clear anything up, Epicit_y is all of our names mixed together. It was a trio project between Epickiller4320 (me), Steam_y, and Traecity.

Ten votes??? This is seriously not what I expected. Thank you so much!

Looking good! You have my vote :slight_smile:

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wow, the most detailed desert map i’ve ever seen!

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Nice boi

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Best loooking desert map I’ve seen (except Lost Desert lol)

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It’s better IMO

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eyyyy @Joshument here is a vid for your excellent map

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Nice map, but try to change the skybox, and try to enclose the map in a box, like flood island, then the fog will show and you wont be able to see outside the map

Thank you! I’ll add this shortly!

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What do you think the skybox should change to? I’ll add fog instead of a box

Nice work!

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i’d rather not mix all of the names of people who made this map together, because map testers that don’t use the forums may think one person did it so i think you should separate your names.


also, the dark sci boxes don’t fit with the theme of the map if it takes place in a floating desert.

Might change that. My intention was to have the boxes pop. I made them pastel to fit the light grass though. Thanks for the feedback!

I’ve fixed the problem, they should look a bit more in place now.

Whenever my map plays, it hogs the spotlight and sticks on loop. Why is that?

This is because in your server, you might have insane maps which are a higher difficulty, and in FE2, the only way you will get to play these insanes will be to have enough people complete the hard map. So, basically, if you’re gonna have a specific map you want in a server, make sure all the other maps are the same difficulty, or the map will be the only map you will be playing unless enough people complete it or there is another map of the same difficulty.

AH okay that sucks for hard maps then. Thank you for letting me know!

Looks great!