Hardest Maps I've Beaten [WIP]

Here is a list of the top 5 hardest maps I’ve beaten solo, multiplayer, insane and crazy. This list is still a work in progress since I can’t find evidence that I actually did complete a map and I don’t want to guess that I did.

Insane [Solo]

#5. Water Sanctuary [Normal/Hard Insane]
#4. Snowland Sanctuary [Hard Insane]
#3. Electroman Adventures [Hard Insane]
#2. GG - X [Hard Insane]
#1. Lost Canyon [Very Hard Insane]

Crazy [Solo]

#5. Blue Moon [Normal Crazy]
#4. Ignis Laboratory [Normal Crazy]
#3. Boltzone [Hard Crazy]
#2. Shutdown Old [Hard Crazy] (The one before the huge revamp)
#1. Metallic Breakdown [Hard Crazy]

Top 5 Hardest Maps I Completed Solo

#5. GG - X
#4. Lost Canyon
#3. Boltzone
#2. Shutdown Old
#1. Metallic Breakdown

Insane [Multiplayer]
#4. The Overflow [Hard Insane]
#3. To The Top [Hard Insane]
#1. Lost Canyon [Extreme Insane]

Crazy [Multiplayer]
#4. Natural Culture [Normal Crazy]
#3. Dynal [Normal Crazy]
#2. Concealed Cave [Extreme Crazy]
#1. Hyperspace [Extreme Crazy]

Top 5 Hardest Maps I completed Multiplayer

Top 5 Hardest Maps I Have Completed

ONCE again, this is still a work in progress as I am looking for maps that I have beaten but have no screenshots but ik I beat it. For example, Lost Canyon, I remember beating that and being so happy! I have no screenshots of that though. So reply with some hardest maps that you have completed and I probably would add it to my list because I can’t think of any other IDs even after looking through 3 ID servers.



And my hardest map solo is The Grid ._.

i did beat it solo, not trying to show off

but good job with all of these

wouldn’t be able to

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Dynal is just laggy for me. I was playing it in a VIP server and my friend loaded it in and wanted to beat it.

idk maybe dt1 (différent themes 1)

t-t-the grid??? im not gonna judge :zipper_mouth_face:

Wait is my map that difficult lol

Wait actually it’s to the top

But I used double jump



Next might be Colliding Worlds buffed version.

Because it’s not verified and rigged.

Oh not counting your own maps else my maps would’ve been in there

im really raging in distinct unit surprise surprise its even harder than anything ive ever beaten
even harder than old shutdown that i managed to only beat half of it
distinct is a true challenge if you ask me


lazy to get all buttons

never heard of these two

OH HEELLL YEAAAAAH its the most annoying one as the first door is closing in front of your face

idk what about you but it took me 20-30 attemps

beat it 3 times in a row

no comments, but still dont know how it is can be hard

beat it right before quitting, took me like 15 times

almost beat it :pensive:

decent difficulty, took me 60-70 attemps

pretty easy even after a big buff

fun crazy, 20-25 attemps

oh hell yeah i cant even reach second room

oh yes

Water Sanctuary is quite old, dating back to late 2018. Snowland Sanctuary is pretty unknown (and is not a sanctuary map)

it’s mostly laggy and annoying especially with the thin poles and the turbines.

yeah it’s quite easy

its just the lag (selection boxes) that makes it hard

ikr its been buffed so many times. i believe i beat this in 2018 or 2019 dont remember but i know I beat this

I finally beat Lost Canyon today solo. It’s getting easier but it’s still very hard. It’s a map I’ve been wanting to beat solo since around November of 2018 along with Concealed Tomb (now Concealed Cave)

i dont really have a “hardest map” but i do have very hard maps ive beaten.

  1. Shutdown (Crazy version before the revamp + the revamp gave me the most trouble)
    I legit suck at long jumps + speed which is why I had to do the crazy version as a duo
    The revamp is just really laggy and it puts me off balance

  2. Hyperspace
    Swimming part is heck and you know when I start shaking I am going to die :ok_hand:
    Thats all I have to say

  3. Tria: RESURGO (v2)
    Lag + me dying stupidly + me failing the same part over and over again jajaja

maps i havent beaten

  1. Any PowerTenders map which is a crazy
    Boltzone is even more bearable than Distinct Unit which is Why

distinct unit isnt even possible

no clue how did fopdoodle beat it

hardest maps i’ve beaten are
spacebar abuse
the rising harderflow
i can’t really list anything else

i think the hardest level that i beat is Extravaganza as its the recent map ive beaten and i dont remember other hard maps :wheelchair:

and for insane is GG- X, the most cancerous lava speed