Harmonic Plateau 🍃

Well, after a long time, I have actually made another new map! This was probably my fastest map made and I hope I remain to make maps at this speed and even faster.


Zelda (mushrooms and endzone (hateno tech lab, this will be updated when starting work on LTL)
Emerald Grove by Icygon
Blooming Grasslands by FedeDoesStuff
and im pretty sure another map but I can’t think of it

Map Name: Harmonic Plateau
ID: zb5non1
Creator: Poltione
Parts: 2982 (3511 instances)
Difficulty: Normal

First Room, containing 2 buttons.

Entrance to the second room.

Second Room, a cave containing 1 button.

Entrance to the third room, which is like a mini tower with 2 buttons.

Third room, a small tower section with 2 buttons.

Top view:

A small area with walljumps leading to the next area.

Next area.

A door opens, leading to the next area.

A door opens, and a small extension to press a button and go back appears.

(small swimming transition)

A ruined area with a button.

After swimming back, you exit at a small tech lab. (LTL, a map soon in the works!)

Thanks to @Eradicated for the video!

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  • This is a re-make of Inhabited Plains

  • This map has slides and walljumps, even though it’s a normal.

  • This map has a door, which has a zelda symbol on it. (shrine symbol)

  • This map has been extended with the ruins area, it didn’t exist in the first ver. of this map.

  • Some of the gameplay in the last room was changed.

  • Some tweaks were made in the room before the last room.

  • This map was originally going to use a different BGM, but it didn’t fit the difficulty.

not sure what to say, hope you enjoy!

oh wow post approved quickly, thanks blind!

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Woah! This looks so good for a ambient map. :o

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looks amazing!

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did I misspell the ID?


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pretty cool! you got my vote.


Ok LofiAttracted

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id is fine, but the map load and temp load fail. asset isn’t trusted


hm I think I wrote the wrong ID > <

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oh not x, I meant to put a z, ill fix that!

Anyways lets go new epic_sponge map
Def better than your old ones, i can see you took time with this one. Gg you have my vote

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ayo thanks a lot to you and everyone else who has voted so far!


for the last pic you should make the terrain higher lol, kinda looks unfinished aswell

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might be more finished looking when I make it a bit changed to something coming up (this is a future update btw)

I get this comment on every one of my maps :sobbing:

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That’s enough Muted

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NOOOOOO this is not real

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