Heavenly Mines


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  • Creator : FabricioPF
  • There are 11 buttons
  • ID 4550687984
  • Only lava
  • An Easy Crazy imo

You explore in a mining to find crystals. When you see that the cave is about to be flooded with lava, you try to escape the cave, but the passage has been blocked by several large rocks. You must look for another way out so as not to be killed by the lava.

1st Room

2nd Room
Before 3rd button

After 3rd button

3rd Room
Before 3rd button

After 3rd button

4th Room

5th Room

6th Room

7th Room

there’s no video here because im not famous lol

That’s all, I hope you like the map :smiley:

Crazy map…ok.

I will play this later.

Uhh… ID please?

not really fan of the cave structure, but overall i see you tried making it good

looks fine, i like the crystals, maybe try tuning up studio graphics to 21? the map woulkd look nice (unless of course it will lag)

Sorry guys I forgot to put the ID and I only remembered after I posted. Here is the Id : 4550687984
sry :c

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oh ok i’ll try, thx c:

“Heavenly Mines”
me: how is it heavenly, heavenly more like deadly lol

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My thoughts:

Intro room and before the tower room:

  • You can hit your head on the torches, which doesn’t really feel right
  • Try making the lava transparent so players can see where to go down more easily
  • Also try adding a way to prevent other players from camping the entrance to the tower room, and instead have them racing to the 3rd button.

Tower room:

  • Some of the buttons don’t seem necessary to improve gameplay, some of them activate platforms that are right next to them that don’t really need a button in the first place.

After the tower room:

  • You can hit your head on the stalactites, even though they’re hard to see. Try replacing them with a clearer barrier like a pillar going all the way up and down.

Last room:

  • The gameplay becomes a lot less fun in this room, and it’s also too simple. Maybe add some more verticality and more jumps.
  • I feel like the map ends too early. I like maps around Blue Moon length, being about 1:45 seconds long.

The upsides:

  • This map looks really good, it’s got the right amount of detail.
  • The lava speed and gameplay of the first and tower sections are spot on, as well as having a unique layout that has that innovative Crazyblox feel to it.

Overall thoughts:

This map begins with spot on quality, having good detail, fun gameplay, and sweat producing difficulty. Sadly, after the tower section, the map seems to get worse, and feels generic by the end. The other bad thing is that it’s too visually similar to Cave System. If it had just one thing to set it apart, it could fit well into FE2. I really like this map, but it just can’t quite reach that amazing mark. I have hope that with some aesthetic changes and a major upgrade of the rooms after the tower, this very well could be a good contender for the next crazy map.

Final rating:
4.5 / 5 for the first half, 3 / 5 for after the tower.

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I’m going to go to Roblox Studios to try to do what you asked me to do. Thanks :smiley:

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nice i kinda dig this map, but i agree with @Irla about the cave structure