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                          When I came home last night at 3
                          The man was waiting there for me
                          But when I looked around the hall
                          I couldn't see him there at all

Status: Whitelisted


Map name: Hells Bells

Creator: sak0626

Buttons: 10

BMG: AB Epic - King Pig & his manic minions

Part count: 3812

Average time: 1:38

ID: 2531699075


Based on the true story

  1. In 19██, a team of archaeologists discovered and unearthed a monument dating back over 3,000 years. After exploring deep inside, the temperature rises suddenly estimated approx 50°C to ███°C. Although using infrared measuring equipment to continue to explore. But for unknown reasons, as a result, they were missing.


Since then, no one dared to enter it again. And you?

Images. I WARNING l Contain Voxel lightning
  • This is the place they have seen it

  • But inside is different


This is my new old map. I’ve worked since 2 years ago and repawned on this year. I know some places in this map have not good details so i might be updated in the future.

:exclamation: Note

  • There are some blocked and long jumps so it may be hard for new players.

  • Floods in this map raise very fast
    ⇒ So it may be hard for new players

    And if there any suggestions or feedbacks about this map. I can be answered and improved to make look better because i want to be a good member.

That’s all i wrote.

             ------ sak0626 a.k.a ProcyonLotor ------
  • 11/2/2020
  1. The ambient will be darker
  2. Add some details in spawn area
  3. Replace torches & trees

⇒ Now the part count increased to 4199

Good luck, escapers!

Just walk towards the light, everything will be okay

Why do the trees look like free modeled lmao


It looks hella nice lol
But the trees look like that one tree in that one toolbox


Well, this map is epic .

Based in images .


The tree’s are like free model’s and torches too

The box’s can be improved .

The lighting it’s not the best but it’s good .

Basically a epic map.

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Thx to all feedbacks, i’ll change & update soon

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Minor update:

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Its really cool the image. :smiley:

+1 vote.

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wow i am amazing @Tea



The trees are awesome :0

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