Help, I die when I spawn on my map

I need help on fixing this, it’s really annoying, i’ve removed the weld from the spawn and I still die when I spawn on my map, There’s no killbricks, no seats, I need help because i’m not remaking the map, The spawn is not high, the spawn is not on the intro, i’ve tried everything.

the spawn probably changed size or just relocate it . idk lol

the size is normal

if the size is normal try relocating it if that still doesnt work maybe the size is wrong if not. I dont even know lol

did you accidentally place a seat layer over the spawn?

theres no seats

Can we have the ID? It’s okay you don’t want to leak the map but it’s to fix the issue.

There must be a cancollide true part in the spawn that kills you if you go in it thanks to Crazy’s anti exploit script or something

They can also put the map in tester mode afterwards

Nevermind, i fixed it.

Lel and bye