HELP! I want to move a group up after pressing a button

I want to move 4 parts, in a group called TheseGoUp, 1 second after pressing Button1.
Help me!! Please :exclamation:
I need a step-by-step explanation though, this is my first time making a map :sweat_smile:

wait (???) destroy (???) true (? ? ???) (I know like this)

Wait what??? Please give me an example to use this in, I don’t understand lol :rofl:

I suggest just ungrouping it, and individually making them go up with the same script for water except replacing it with the name of the parts.

Okay, I might try that. I already just rose them up in Studio anyway. Thanks

add these lines to eventscript first (do not put it after waits)

function moveModel(model, _v3, _t, _USELESSLOL)
  for _, c in next, model:GetDescendants() do
    if c:IsA("BasePart") then
      local mS = require(game.ServerScriptService.MapScript)
      mS.moveWater(c, _v3, _t, false)

this function has all of the same 4 aspects for moveWater, meaning it is fast to convert to moveModel
like moving
Lib.Script.moveWater(Lib.Map.Errorer,, 42, 69), 0.9, true)
moveModel(Lib.Map.Poggemodel,, 3, 0), 1)
the true in the original moveWater is not included, have fun lol

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