Henry is a mage

73K views for a week WHAT
i can get only 100 views now, how he get 73K bruh

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you know, i guess he also didnt expect that

he has 20k subs


he deserve it

I hAvE 71 sUbS!!!1111!!11!!!

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I hAvE 72 sUbs111!!1!2!2!

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i has 139

i have 2.5k subs and only get 300-500 views :pensive::v:

400+ subs ā€”ā€”> 0 subs because I deleted my channel because Iā€™m in America country.

above america isnt a country

and i got almost 2k and my vids barely get 500 visits :pensive:

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I hAvE 31 SuPs aNd Im FiGhTinG wItH NIyONcREePer

every time i hear about niyon i cringe

he has even tried to steal forsaken for his game lol

boi i am waiting until you be online and read what i said on roblox website chat.

boi i already won it

300-500 subs and over 400,000 views :shopping_cart: gotta go buy more