Here are some things,

So, shall i make a map even harder than startup failure Just like geometry dash orochi? If i did, some of you guys may have to verify it. But it’ll be hard & difficult for many users. But It will be possible. You may have: most hard corners that are decorated, most decorated tricky parts, flames, burst, and more. Some of them will kill you. but the lava will rise so fast in the starting section after 5 seconds if you dont get pass. It will have some wedges at the tower (maybe) but the tower is twice as difficult because the lava will rise 3x faster. at first section the lava will rise about 9000x faster after 5 seconds. But, some places might have vaporwave texts just like deus ex machina (dont get mad at me) also i dont want any copyright strikes so yeah the music will be imperial circus dead decadence, but ill still make that one which is difficult, there are many places you can fall into lava but some are trickier.


It’ll not be a stolen map.

I know, i still don’t think people love ultra-hard maps



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but i will detail/decorate/design it

what and how did u write that

tell me

what does the deco have to do with the difficulty


the building of the map has been complete.


yes lord

nana you are not answering this simple question

it makes it look good btw the id is 4261304438

it makes it look good buddy

ANYONE TALKING? is anybody talking???!

But how does is it related to the difficulty

It relates as when it is so difficult, it is 1.5x harder than startup failure BUT still possible. Some parts are not beatable.

Sorry, but i feel like you’re literally [ REDACTED ]

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How is the details suppose to affect the difficulty