Hey waht is texture for dystopia pls pls

hallo. i need dystopia texture pls bc phenoix man didn’t put dystopia texture in fe2 texture model or i am blind pls hlep me.

Oh yeah, and if you can, maybe you could reply with some interesting textures…?

which dystopia texture


ye wat dystopia texture

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the one that is circled, please

the one that is marked, please

search up: metal fence
or find a free model of the map and copy the texture

i know the texture ill show it in a second

Read my 2nd comment :wink:

Hello. I created dystopia texture for you. That texture doesn’t exsist, if you read info and get my textures model you will know what i mean. Just read info inside model and then ungroup it.

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mix these two textures (put them both in one part)

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Ok. Thank you guys. I really appreciate it.

ngl did we just send it at the same time? XD