Hidden Ruins [Legacy Map]

Status: Ready to play!

Map ID: 2481585248
BGM: Sappheiros - Escape (Remake)

Description of the Map

I decided to make a post on the second map I’ve ever built for FE2 Map Test. Hidden Ruins made its debut about a month after I released Neurotoxin (basically in November of 2017). It originally replaced the old ID of Neurotoxin for about a year–up until the first FE2 Map Test was moved to the new place. After a few years, I rediscovered the map and decided to update the gameplay a bit and add it to an ID. Now, Hidden Ruins can be loaded in to play!

Take the journey through the woods into a ruined castle! Nobody seemed to know about it until now…what will you discover in these hidden ruins?

I decided to change the lighting, add a few more details, and include a Sunset skybox to make the map feel more natural. Here is how it looks:

I don’t plan to update the map any further since it’s from so long ago and I don’t want it to lose it’s “legacy” feeling. However, feel free to play the map for yourself!

That’s about it! Enjoy :slight_smile: !

Holy crap it looks amazing
Those trees :0000


Sweet trees, the second map you really made was fantastic! :open_mouth:
The design is so amazing and I like the viewing. The details are so nice and they look great! The assets looks beautiful, the gameplay was fun, and the map theme is so very fantastic. :evergreen_tree:

I really like the building styles you made, and It’s really great to see how your map looks!
You deserve a vote. Keep up the great job! :+1:


Woah! Nice building skills you have!

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actually cool

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Very good map even tho it was made a while ago (probably last year or 2017)

why does this remind me of fallenagk

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Omg you updated the ambient I love it

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So I go to bed for 8 hours and wake up to see 12 votes what

No but seriously, this makes me feel really happy :slight_smile: . Thanks everyone for the kind words!



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For being a legacy map, this is amazing! I like the details a lot. It is very appealing to the eyes and the skybox makes it even better! I’ll test it out later and I’ll see what I can find.

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The last time I played this map was so different lol
I see it got extended now

it’s a bit cramped plus if you make a mistake you’re dead

Neurotoxin forum post whenn

i see forum was very active at 19th december 2020