🌲 Hidden Woods

Status: Gathering Support, Not whitelisted, Work in Progress

Description of the Map: Another map by me, uhhh… Mr unor- I mean… FedeDoesStuff! This map is inspired by Lost Woods, created by YasuYoshida, Swampy Troubles, created by Zombietico/PixelRBLX, Hidden Swamp, created by Dr_Right2. This map is currently work in progress so nothing’s really finished.

Important Information

Creator(s): FedeDoesStuff
Music: Undecided lol
Difficulty: Hard

Pictures / Videos of Map-


This got ignored :pensive:

hey thats cool man

looks nice
terrrain walls maybe too high tho

Maybe a ‘‘Hardware Store’’ ?



good my guy

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bruh this died :pensive:

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hey bro

nice map

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dude thats pretty cool, another generic map from you

notice that im writing it in pc, my first time :exploding_head:

I am the generic man

I shall revivus :flushed:

walls are a little flat but otherwise nice

nice map
maybe add some crates idk