Hidden Worlds (5 votes! πŸŽ‰ + video!)

This is my first map I ever finished and I made with friends lol (for me). :smiley_cat:
Also a feedback is always appreciated with a constructive criticism.

Map Info

  • Status: Whitelisted, WIP (Arround 95% done)
  • Creators: Hazedu13, joshoofcat (me) and MADB0SS
  • BGM: Creo Worlds
  • ID: b42m*m1 (with all the timeline)
  • Buttons: 14 normal buttons and no group button (RIP group button)
  • Part Count: 4219 parts and 5703 instances
  • Time to complete: ~2:40
  • Agility: :white_check_mark: (One slide and one zipline.)

IMPORTANT: This is the official post (cause there are two version) and this post was created with me and also Hazedu13

Description: After a rough time on monochromia you enter into a parralel universe due to the teleportation that failed. You enter in a long abandoned facility… After going outside you enter in a other universe, deep in a dark forest…

Images and video:

Spawn (1st room revamped Wip again)+ easter eggs :smirk: :zipper_mouth_face:

The large forest (2nd room)

The snowy forest (3rd room)

The cave (swimming part 4th room)

The vast canyon (5th room)

The hole (Idk what I could name this room lol suggest? 6th room)

The snowy valley (7th room)

Tower 1 (8th room)

Tower 2 (9th room)

The final part (10th room and 11th room)

The 72gg7t7gjepps (66fcvxgcytyddn ??? bojsow287)


Do you like the map in general? (10/9 = vote and 1/2 = I hate it)
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As I said, it is always a pleasure to have feedback so we can improve the map! :slight_smile: Send your feedbacks on the comments section!

Outdoor sections look pretty good but interior areas (such as the facilities) have a bit too much neon and some parts don’t have a lot of decoration, filling in some empty areas and removing some bright neon would make the map better, overall it looks good

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Thanks for your feedback about the indoor section! :slight_smile: Also we did not finished the last part. We are working on it! :slight_smile: :sweat_smile:

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The map looks good!

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Thanks for the feedback!

why there have 2 snow sections lol

anyways, pretty interesting map, tbh i like it, just the indoor section that you would use another colors for neon , since green, blue and red dont fit very well in the same place

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Thanks! We are fixing the indoor section cause of the feedback. I’m going to tell new updates here.

Ok so feedback tiem

Lighting isn’t as realistic as it doesn’t seem to fit with the other areas (appearently it’s pretty hard to make a script that changes the ambience when you walk through the hitbox to trigger it so it’s not ur problem)

The neon just seems alot ngl. At least make it darker or remove most of it. Like irl, this isn’t even a thing in real life like you’ll barely see it anyways

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Thanks for your feedback! (And lightning is not the good one lol I just take photos of the map on the 2021 baseplate so this is why it has a weird lightning lol. I think that rtx is on on the 2021 baseplate but i’m not sure about that.) :blush: :grinning: :smiley_cat:

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Other feedback you could add some more detail in the 1st and 11th room.

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looks nice but tower 1 need a bit more detail.

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Yes but idk what to add on the 11th room! :joy: :rofl: :sweat_smile:

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Thanks again!

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We updated the 1st room i’m going to send new pictures about this! :blush:

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2 self votes lol

please remove some of that neon

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Rip me and my friend lol! :rofl: Anyways we are actully removing a lot of neons. Thanks for the feedback!

I really accept your replies :smiley:.

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woah I like the map image xd! also I like it, epik map!

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Thank you so much! :grinning::pray: