Hiring Developers for Lair

Time to make a map again. Roles:

Builder: Adds detail or removes it.
Scripter: Scripts water and door functions, as well as miscellaneous scripts that can be used.
Whitelister: Once map is finished, whitelister will whitelist map.
Verifier: Tests to make sure map is possible and says final difficulty so that we can change it.
Tester: Tests to check how the water and scripts are going.

7 entries. You can also kick yourself out up to a week after you join.

  1. NoobAtWork [Founder, Builder]
  2. Zharplayer [Verifier]
  3. LolIsNowExploiting [Scripter]
  4. Anac4nda [Tester]
  5. TimeNotDesign [Builder]
  6. 26mmillerRoblox [Scripter, Tester]
  7. MythicalMudkipRBLX [Builder]
  8. floodyboii [Tester, Whitelister]

This is for an Evolving Labs revamp, to let you know.

To enter: Show me a pic of your most recent build, tell me which team you want to be on, then I can enter you in the queue.

Verifier pls.

Sure thing.

I wanna enter for scripting

Alright. Since you aren’t building, I’m not forcing the pic on you.

IM A TESTER :woozy_face::sunglasses::star_struck:

You mean verifier? Sorry, there can only be one verifier.

no, i mean i will test how the map is going (water, etc)

Me with builder, and yes, I’ll only left the community in 05/04/2020

Here’s some Project:

Anotação 2020-03-18 200625
Anotação 2020-03-25 202028

That was not a role, but I suppose I could give you that.

Also, time, you’re in!

how is the dev team calling?

You’ll see later when we start.

I’ll take a bath, I suggest to start after a hour

I want to start the map once all spots are filled.

Oh okay.

wait so this is a collab ?

Yeah. Why would I hire developers for nothing? lol

oh ok
first ever collab for me lol