Hiring Developers

MAP MAKING TEAM NAME: Underground Facility

I am hiring map makers for my long time making maps.
Lead Build: CyberFoox [Shadow] [OverSEER]
1: DeltaAimee [Delta_Effect] [justice4Helperony]

Include username
Use disc tag!

how good are you, i might join.

I’m a pretty good. I’m using wedges, cylinders and spheres.

you have any examples?

In Flooding Jungle Ruins, i will start using Cylinders and Spheres there

i guess i can join. is it right away aswell?
btw my username is DeltaAimee, discord is JusticeForHelperonoy#4015

If you get a request from Cyberfoox, accept.

Disc didn’t work

sorry replace the “for” with 4

It still didn’t wotk, discord might be having difficulties.

no lol it must be my name xd

try this one
i copied it

Alright, it worked.

Great on doing the FE2 scripts, I can join :>
Contact me on Discord: KingMarine#5676
Roblox: KingMarine_MC

Hello, I’m an ok Builder may I join.

Can I help? I want to make another map.

I might join give me a picture if you can… I could only work on weekends though; you know School…

Discord - basaball426#5386

Roblox Name - basaball426

I have a plugin the works for Gap Filling for extra detailing…

Could you add me? I’m a half-decent builder.


(This one was from a 1-hour challenge)

Hm, may i join? This seems interesting. I’m up to build something, and this looks good.

My discord tag is DeadBussi_ness#4254