Holotelephatic Journey (jesus almighty why does this exist)

Status: Whitelisted, now I need videos on this map to start rolling
BGM: scrath_r - Digital Mayhem
ID: 3458036749 (place for revamp)
1548296466 (original version)

Virtualiza Competition has begun! All ROBLOX players could build their own stuff in a digitalized form studio, and whoever gets their digital work accepted to the Matsburg Computer Lab wins a fee tour to the computer lab!

However, some strange deluge was found in the creations (aka digitalized landscapes) & started spilling out to other dimensions, chaning liquid into an unusual hazardous virus liquid, changing colour per dimension. And they sent you to stop that leak. But, the virus in the liquids started to rise and you have to abandon the mission & try to escape it. But when you get to the facility ( depends if you make it) the liquid somehow made it’s way to the facility. So good luck with escaping that!
(Imma make sure next time is super rigged hahahahaha)

Note: the map doesn’t actually rely on huge details so don’t ask why there aren’t enough details in the virtual areas.

Pictures (i hope you can make out where to go cuz me lazy to explain that lol)

This map is highly inspired by Zlurm’s Lurid & a bit of Overdrive’s revamp.
And yes this was supposed to be a crazy but I just wanted to change it to insane ok.


Virtucave (doesn’t look like a cave actually)

A Digital Landscape

Flying Cubes (lazy name)

The map’s gonna be legacy from now on, since I wanna focus on Collapsed Base & Coma Exposures revamp + Robot Language.

  • matzareb

k cooool

Lurid 3.0 xd

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Some pics dont have alot of detail but good map

I played the map and I gotta say that this map has a fun gameplay!
But, there’s a problem:
At the orange room, it is really hard to get inside a hole which leads to the blue facility.
Overall, nice map! (won’t give a vote since it still needs a bit more details)

the only parts i like are these

well most of it is inspired by lurid so it’s not like it’s going to be another endgame
he’s saying it’s legacy since he really wants to work on his other WIP maps

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by Zlurm, [Insane]

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you mean crazy

sorry for the hole in the orage room

i tried fixing that ok

now imma wait for videos to start rolling

my eyes



i mean that part is kinda cool @Overminted

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In this room, I’m having trouble getting to the blue room, because the hole is very hard to get into. Could you please fix this? Thanks.

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How do you build so fast

skills lol
hes good at building skills

time for a serious map review

–judging from picture–
from 1st pic, the hardware doesnt fit at all, all the textures are badly placed like it’s made in 1 minute, pretty rushed.

from 2nd pic, texture abusive and neon spam, also particle spam, badly placed textures as always.

from 3rd pic, have nothing to say, literally the same as 2nd.

from 4th pic, textures on the trees are just… bad. same as 2nd.

from 5th pic, /shrug.

from 6th pic, oMG tEXTURE sPAM mY eYES AAAAAAA

from 7th pic, this doesnt fit, i thought it would be a texture abusive room.

from 8th pic, ok this is getting too far, the first few pictures was still lurid-like but what is this now, neon spam.

from both 9th, 10th and 11th pic, empty.