Hosting a map making Team

I’m starting an fe2 map making team (Team Illumina). 4 spots are currently open (since max amount of people in group chat is 5 people on roblox) for the team, so act quick if you want to get in. Anyone On the list will be friended by Declandude25

  1. NAW_X

  2. TimeNotDesign

  3. Epic_Sponge

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Uh, wich is the theme of the map?

I usually Do Techno/Futuristic or ruins themed maps, But any theme works well.

guess i might as well try

Aight, I’ll add you to the list.

i guess same but i have no time at all


sure then

sorry for late response, I will add you to the list now.

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can’t accept now due to it not working

Alright, got it.

If you wanna know if somebody is online btw, there will be a green ring around their name

Thank you for letting me know.