Hosting Map Making Team

Sup homies, you may know me as GreninjaTheMlg on roblox, Im a very experienced builder with over 7 years and Im very picky when it comes to detailing .im hosting a map making team, (6 members) as you can see I feel like map making teams will focus on collaboration, and improving, they will also create exciting and fun maps for the community.
I am looking for experienced builders and scripters that show discipline and soft skills.
.(GreninjaTheMlg) - Builder
Dm me on discord about yourself and show me your best creations, then ill decide whether your in or not. :(joel?z#8184)
After I choose the team mates, ill create a group chat on discord and we will make our Team name,
Good luck!!

Some of my builds - [ RobloxScreenShot20191219_192903225

- Sincerely, Ulforced

no thanks

Thats fine

Yo that looks amazing

Though I don’t think I’m very good at building so uh

your good man

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what about shardial Lol

also idk if i want to join or not, probably may try

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I don’t know if I will join because you said you were fairly picky when it comes to detailing and I feel like my building might just be a distraction and might not be what suits your needs.

these are literally beautiful
I might be too bad tho

Dont worry we will get that done too lol

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Up to you

I love building, but judging by my first official map, i am probably not on the team. I do have a general post about a map I am building, but i only have 1 picture. I am a farily new map dev, and i would love to collab, but i am really only good at outdoor maps. I can try to build a facility map, but i probably wont be able to help much. however I wouldnt mind joining if it is possible. (I know I am kind of late)


I’ll try my best, I don’t think I’m good enough though.

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same with me

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also are one of those pictures a final destination version of a map

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can u tell me what themed of this collaboration?


Its just a team making maps with different themes, theres no “doors” map

you’re too gud for me to help

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builds looks phenomenal ngl


Those Look amazing