How can I make a button create smoke effects?

So basically, I know I have to use buttonfuncs to add effects to buttons but I don’t know the correct code I need to put in.

Lib.btnFuncs[#] = function()
Lib.Map.partNameHere.Smoke.Transparency = 0
if you want it to appear, put the smoke transparency to 1
and to fade make it transparency 0 and change this

Lib.Map.partNameHere.Smoke.Transparency = 0
to this:
Lib.Map.partNameHere.Smoke.Transparency = 1

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Smoke doesn’t have transparency. It has opacity I think.

You could just disable the smoke, then enable it with a button function.

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so, do I add both of the lines or only the Lib.Map.partNameHere.Smoke.Transparency = 1

I think it’s wrong. Don’t try.

You can try
Lib.Map.Partname.Smoke.Opacity = 0