How can I publish my map to flood escape 2?

–How can I publish my map to flood escape 2?

–I know, this question has already been answered and has many tutorials on youtube, but I still do not know how to publish a map step by step.

–I have no intention of offending anyone with this topic.

–I have the goal of publishing my map “Blizzard Factory”.

–Any help I appreciate.

–And im new in topics.

I need help to: how to get my flood escape 2 map (Blizzard Factory) be in fe2 Map Test


You can’t right now, the whitelisting queue has been full for months

Oh thank you. :smiley:

When it eventually clears, go to the link in the description of fe2 map test, put the id into the box and enter it. Don’t dawdle though, it fills very fast.

Hole the queue is full rn
Your map looks amazing

If you can’t submit the map due to full queue, this could be meaning that you must wait until it clears the queue. After it clears, you can submit your map and wait until it gets playable.

If the queue is cleared by submitting your map, your map will be playable. :+1:

Also, the map you made looks amazing! I like your building skills and I hope your map gets through playable. I hope to see it! :smile:


The whitelisting queue is currently full. wait for it to open, then go to Whitelisting : FE2 Map test and enter your map’s model’s ID.

On a side note, your map looks amazing!

Thanks, I worked hard on it, it took me 2 weeks (because it is my first map and I didn’t know anything).

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Thanks, I hope my map has no script errors and is playable, and thanks for giving me the answer to my question.

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Thanks to answer my question,and comment of my map.I hope my map will be great :+1:

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Not exactly months…Crazy is keeping a bit on top of it.


It’s possibly 80% the queue gets cleared whenever Crazyblox decides to clear the queue, you could check the queue in their discord server or the twitter account @fe2game and you’ll get a tweet in twitter or a message in the discord saying that queue is cleared. It may take a while tho, since it’s been a month or so to get queues cleared up. If you want the map playable as temporary just ask anybody to borrow a slot until the real ID of the map gets whitelisted, there ya go.

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Well, thanks for the help but I dont have discord and twitter. :neutral_face:

I was seeing your profile and I saw that you have discord.

Please, I wanted you to let me know when the line is clear. :+1:

(If that’s not a problem for you)

If it’s not,just send me a message.In my profile.

Thanks for your help.


Well why not create a discord account then?

did you forget that discord is for 13+ and parents might not want that lol

i have exposed the forums and roblox to my parents–but not discord since i talk to people there

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Ik discord is for 13+

And Im 13-

So i prefer not create a discord account

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I made a discord acc when I was 12 so eh

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You have a lot of courage

compared to me ._.


But your first map is already better than my maps :((((

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