How did you find out about flood escape?

How did you find the game and you are still playing it? Question of how you found out about the game.

I was bored and looked at the games page back in August 2018 (I think) and when I first played flood escape 1, I had fun. The game was hard but starting to get better. The game was overall really fun, until I went somewhere in the lobby. It was the FE2 game teleport. So I went to the game and it was better. The game was more fun and more detailed. But it was good tho. I didn’t know what map test was until I searched videos of FE2 and map test popped up. I was confused and you can make and play other people’s maps? It made me happy that you can make a map and you can test it. The first map (made by myself) was Burning Ruins. The map didn’t load until I learned how to use eventstring. It was working and I was proud of it. And that’s it. (Cuz I’m making this post large)


No clue at all. As far as I can tell, Flood Escape was the first game I have ever played on Roblox with a registered account. Probably played it because it was on the suggested games tab when you first sign up.


I found out about FE2 from @Tabby. He told me what it was, I played it with him for a while, it was fun. So now I start playing FE2.

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I found it while playing FE1, on the “recommended” tab, I never knew that there the was FE2 at this time!

FE1 came from the recommended as well.

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january 2018 from the labyrinth event

wait so i joined 2017 oof i thought 2018

I don’t remember anything. I just found it. Somehow

ok I’m really not sure but I remember i joined around December 2017

Christmas 2017 and January 2018’s Labyrinth event. I didn’t play longingly until September 2018.

I saw people playing it on youtube, i got interested and wanted to check it out myself. I started playing it in January of 2019 (yep, i am totally not a veteran) Then i wanted to create my own map, Volcanic Mineshaft but abandoned it.

playing flood escape 1 on my phone back in like 2015 to 2016

flood escape 1 - voltron event

flood escape 2 - labyrinth event
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found it on my YouTube recommended page

i wanted a good escaping game so i searched escape and i found it

Fe1 - idk
Fe2 - idk

I found out about the original Flood Escape about 5 years ago by digging through the games page. It looked interesting, so I played it.

I forgot how I found Flood Escape 2 though.

i joined a frend


Fe1, Played it when I was looking for a game to play on roblox many years ago , I LOVED IT AND DIDN’T STOP PLAYING IT!

I randomly start playing games. I started playing FE2 a bit over a year after I tried quitting ROBLOX. It was a new way for me to get “interested” in ROBLOX again.

I saw it on the Roblox game page. I thought it would be cool since I had played FE1 before.