How do I get motivation?

I discontinue more than half of my projects only because I have no motivation, I have this problem where I have the perfect idea for details and gameplay, but when I try to do those exact ideas, I fail miserably. Whenever I have inspiration, I just forget exactly what I was inspired to do. I’m tired of making maps and discontinuing them more than half the time. I only have 2 maps right now and they would have been discontinued if it weren’t for the people who helped me make them. I’m never able to make map only by myself only because I know I can’t get motivation. I usually ask my friend zqr to help but even then I still have no motivation. I don’t even have confidence in any of my maps anymore since I don’t even have motivation to finish them, I discontinue a map before I even find a good bgm. How do I get motivation?

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just scream at riley it always helps

that only works for you

Usually I listen to music when making maps.

I cant help really because i just randomly get sparks of motivation

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just sit in front of your computer for 15 hours straight and build whatever comes to your mind just like me

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ok yeah I made a layout within 24 hours and I’m starting to detail rn

I do the same