How do I get my map a map ID?

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Your model link got the ID, its the numbers between the model name and creatory


If you created the model that has a mapa, you have to:

  1. Go to your profile after you exited the studio

  2. Go to your inventory and go to your “Models”, as this where you could see what you have bought and what you created

  3. Go to the model you have published.
    Computer: Click the url
    Tablet/Phone: Tap the URL

If you see the oval circling those numbers, that’s the Map ID. Just highlight it on computer, or double tap it on tablet and paste it to the Map ID. The map also has to be whitelisted FIRST before testing. If your wanting to whitelist it, you could find the game of whitelisting ID’s in this:

Days later, you could check your trades by going into summary, and Into sales, and you’ll see Crazyblox that bought the model (that means it is whitelisted).


Sorry, I thought you could’ve had 2 solutions

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