How do I improve this map?

any needed details? (more images comming soon)

i dont really know what to suggest, all i can think of is changing the other half of police lights to red. like you know one half blue and the other half red

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i can’t really tell if the police cars are free models, but if they i recommend you remove them since a lot of free models have viruses

add a bit more decoration like boxes and tress here and there

they’re aren’t, i made them

well nice job with them

just make sure to remove free models you might have put in and also add more decorations like trees and boxes so that the map doesn’t look as boring and empty

i know :+1:

when you make a map, you must think about the appropriateness of the theme.

there are 2 woulds:

  1. would it fit?
  2. would it make sense?

which in this map, it have broke the 2 woulds.

firstly, this doesn’t seem to fit anywhere within Flood Escape 2;

secondly it doesn’t make sense, a jail is occasionally seen in towns and this is just standalone jail which is kinda weird, it’s not even on an island like that one jail i forgot about either. how would it flood?

the theme is creative, but it’s out of place. which deemed the theme not fitting and possibly not worth it to make one. not to mention making a perfect jail theme is barely executable.


add more reasons please

the thing is,

if you’re making a map just for fun, which i don’t know why, then you can ignore the first would. that’s for maps actually trying to get it in.

i wasn’t making the map 4 fun, well i made this topic so i can get improvements

welp Ok, i was giving suggestions if you should continue the map or not.

well i mean i can’t really suggest anything to improve, jail is like an impossible theme and hard to think of gameplay/decorations. that’s why i provided the reply in the first place, for you to consider if this map is worthful enough to continue.

for now if you actually want suggestions/criticisms then go on, i can’t provide one sorry.

: (

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sorry man… :pensive:

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Make it chaotic, fences, barricades, dropped tools, etc.

tires, batons


not bad :ok_hand:

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new image:

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hi sorry for late response, good progress on the map so far. can’t really suggest because i’m no expert in this theme. good luck!!