How do I make a certain player only Teleporter

I couldn’t find this anywhere, how can I make a teleporter that can only teleport certain players to it’s destination? One example of this is in ‘Run!’ by MathFacter and others. When everyone starts, only math and the other creators get teleported to the road where they can see others do the map.

Also in addition, how can i make a button which can only be activated in solo or if you’re the VIP server owner OR only selected players can always activate

I believe it’s an if statement. Something like this (im not a pro scripter so this might not work)

local Player = game.Players.LocalPlayer 
if Player.UserId == id then
     something teleport user to the location you want

i’ll try

im pretty sure that script doesn’t work but it’s something along the lines of that

oh ok ill wait for more replies

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okay Billie modified my post so it should work

ok ill try thank u and billie