How do I make a Flood Escape 1 map?

I have a good idea for a Flood Escape 1 map but I don’t know how to upload a map to FE1

Probably go to Crazyblox’ inventory and find the model “Flood Escape Map Template” (i think). Then design the level and give it to Crazyblox for review.

Ok thanks :smile:

I don’t think he accepts map submissions to FE1 anymore, since the game wasn’t updated since October, I think he’s gonna let it slowly die out and focus on FE2.

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Oh :frowning:

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Yeah, I forgot to mention that.
@Overkill sadly, Arctage is right.

Funny thing: I never played FE1 once… a friend reccomended Flood Escape 2 to me after beta…

You should Try FE1 once just to see what it’s like :stuck_out_tongue:

Meh… maybe later… I am server jumping right now, my first server was full of noobs whle my second one had a troll that killed me :confused:

Oh okay @KentDoge welp atleast i know now

i am kind of sad of because of fe1 dying, i still remember when my brother had a party and i was just in my room playing it like crazy:grinning:

2 Year late reply, but uhh, FE1 map submissions are probably closed, due to how Crazyblox is focusing on FE2.

2 month late reply but

they were never open actually

crazy did want to have them but at the time wasn’t sure on how to do that

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